How to re-lock bootloader in realme devices with unlock tool

Lock bootloader in realme devices: If you have unlocked bootloader in your realme device. You want to re-lock your realme device then you have come to the right place. Re-locking bootloader in realme devices is pretty simple.

So let’s discuss realme devices bootloader procedure step by step. This procedure is similar to all realme devices.

Benefits of unlocking mobile Bootloader

If you want to customize your android mobile according to your choice then you can do it after unlocking the bootloader. Benefits of unlocking realme mobile are as follows:

You can root your android mobile after unlocking your realme mobile bootloader. It is impossible to root your realme device without unlocking its bootloader. You can enjoy many third-party apps which required mobile root.

You can flash TWRP recovery or any other third party recovery in your realme mobile.

You can flash custom ROM for your realme device like LineageOS, AOSP or other Custom ROMs for your device.

Drawback of bootloader unlock

By default every smartphone has, it’s bootloader locked. The major drawbacks of unlocking bootloader are as follows:

All data stored in your realme device will be lost during this process, so you need to backup your data before starting this process.

Custom ROM installed on your device after unlocking bootloader may not work properly. Because official software provided by smartphone company is the most stable software for the mobile.

The performance of your android mobile may affect due to custom ROM. And your device may be permanently damaged if you have not followed the correct procedure during installation.

Your data stored in your mobile after flashing custom ROM may leak any time and is never secured.

And in a few cases, unlocking bootloader may cause material damage or physical injuries due to device overheating. So you must be careful about this process.

After unlocking bootloader your device will not be able to get official OTA update. But can still download and install the latest updates for your mobile manually.

How to lock bootloader in realme

You can successfully relock your realme mobile bootloader by following the simples steps given below. Locking bootloader is quite simple.

Download and Install unlock tool apk in your realme mobile and open the app.

Click on apply to exit in-depth test. Now your phone will reboot automatically in fastboot mode.

Connect your mobile with your computer and in mobile fastboot mode enter given below engineering commands to relock your realme device bootloader.

Enter the command: adb reboot bootloader
Press “Enter” on your keyboard
Enter the command: fastboot flashing lock
Press “Enter” on your keyboard

lock bootloader realme

Now press the volume up button in your realme device to relock bootloader or now on this screen you can press volume down button to select do not lock the bootloader.

Now enter the “fastboot reboot” command in your computer to reboot the device. Now your device will reboot and exit in-depth test mode. All data stored in your device will be deleted. Now you have all done.

Your realme device will now start receiving automatic OTA updates.


If you have any question or doubt then you can also refer realme official guide for bootloader lock and unlock.

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