4 Ways to split-screen in ColorOS | How to split screen in realme

This multitasking feature “split-screen” is specially designed for Pro and advanced users. Here we are going to discuss how to split-screen in android mobile. Use this feature and become a Pro mobile user.

What is split-screen in Android mobile

Split-screen the technique to break the mobile screen into two segments. You can see two windows on the screen of your phone. And you can run two applications at the same time without affecting each other.

With the help of split-screen, you can watch the video and chat simultaneously. You can do a lot more than chat and video at the same time. You can compare two websites by opening webpages in different browsers side by side.

The split-screen feature comes out of the box in realme devices. This feature was first tried in Android 6 devices by Xiaomi and other smartphone brands. But split-screen is now stock android feature after Android 7.

There are four ways to enable split-screen in ColorOS 5.2 and later oppo realme devices. You can easily enable split-screen on your mobile.

How to enable split-screen in oppo realme

As we have discussed earlier, there is four authorized way to use split-screen in all ColorOS 5.2 and later devices. So let’s discuss all of them one by one.

Follow the simple steps to enable split-screen in your android mobile:

Enable split screen in settings

Settings >>App Split-screen >>turn on App Split-screen

how to enable split screen with 3 fingers slide up option in realme android mobile

Enable Swipe up with 3 fingers option. After enabling this feature you will be able to access the split-screen feature by swipe up to three fingers together.

split-screen with three fingers in coloros devices

Note: Few apps don’t support split-screen and it is also unavailable at home screen. To use this you have to open any supported app and then slide up your any three fingers on the mobile screen.

With the multi-task button

You can also enter split-screen mode with the help of the multitask virtual button. Hold down the multitask button when you are in an app interface to enter the split-screen mode.

split-screen with multitask button

Example: If you want to open the video app and WhatsApp simultaneously then first open Video app and then long-press multitask button for about 2-3 seconds, you will automatically enter in split-screen mode.

Here select the WhatsApp application. Now both of the apps will open on mobile screen together. Now you can also use both the apps simultaneously without affecting each other.

Split-screen in the recent apps tab

You can also enter in split-screen from recent apps. To enable split-screen from recent tab just open the recent tab by pressing the multitask virtual key once.

Now select any app you want to open in split-screen and Click on the three parallel lines on the top right corner of the app. Select split-screen from there.

Now you have entered in split-screen with the selected app and select any app from the second window to open it in parallel with the first app.

open two apps with recent apps window

Enter with auto-notification

If you have opened any split-screen supported app in landscape mode and then you get a notification from any messaging app. You will also get an option to reply in split-screen.

Click on the split-screen, now you are able to reply in split-screen mode. You can now keep on using your previous app while replying to messages.

how to use two apps in landscape mode

How to Quit split-screen

We hope you have enjoyed split-screen. Now its time to quit split screen. There are two ways to quit split-screen.

Just click on the back virtual key or long-press multitask button. You have all done. It’s pretty much simple.

how to quit split-sceen

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