Realme warranty check: How to claim realme warranty

realme warranty check and how to claim realme warranty

Realme warranty check: If you are a realme user then this post is very valuable to you. Because here we will discuss how to check and claim the realme warranty.

Realme all smartphones and accessories come with a limited warranty so here we will show you realme warranty terms an conditions. After going through this article you will be able to detect your product is in warranty or out of warranty.

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If your product is in warranty then we will show you how to claim realme warranty for your mobile and accessories. And if your product is out of warranty then you should know the charges for repair of your realme product. So let’s start discussing realme warranty info step by step.

Realme warranty check

Every realme product is having a limited time of warranty. So, first of all, you should check your product is in warranty or not. To check your realme product warranty you can refer realme products warranty table given below.

If your product is in warranty then you need not to pay service charges and spare part charges if the part has changed during the repair process.

Realme product warranty chart

ProductWarranty Period
Realme Buds06 months
Realme Buds 2 06 months
Realme Buds wireless 06 months
Micro USB cable 06 months
Micro USB VOOC cable 06 months
Type-C VOOC cable 06 months
Charger adapter 10W 06 months
VOOC flash charger 20W 06 months
Power Bank12 months
Phone Battery 06 months
Smartphone12 months

Note: All Realme smartphone comes with 12 months of warranty except Realme C2. Because “desh ka real choice” smartphone from realme comes with 02 years of warranty.

Value provided in warranty repairs

1 Mobile/accessory parts changed during repair are brand new. Defected parts are always replaced by brand new parts.

2 Parts replaced during repair will also enjoy remaining warranty period.

3 If your product is having less than 03 months warranty then your product will get 03 months extra extended warranty from the date of repair.

How to check realme warranty

You can easily check your realme product remaining warranty by following method.

  1. Check your device purchase date from your original bill/invoice.
  2. Check your product total warranty period from above realme warranty chart.
  3. Count your product total days after the date of purchase.
  4. If your product doesn’t exceed the warranty period from the date of purchase then your product is under warranty.

How to claim realme warranty

If your realme product has gone faulty then you can claim realme warranty in two ways.

First, you can visit your nearby realme authorized service center with your product and ask them to repair your realme product if it is in warranty. They will definitely help you and repair your product free of cost.

Second, you can use realme callme services to your doorstep. To use realme callme service you just have to dial realme tollfree number 1800-102-2777 and request for callme service.

After raising the callme service realme service center executive will call you to confirm the pickup within 24 hrs.

Your realme device will be repaired within next 24hrs after pickup and forward dispatch to the customer’s place. Repair time can be maximum 07-10 days from date of pickup to the date of delivery of the device.

For more details about callme service visit realme callme service official guide.

Realme warranty terms and conditions

1 A valid warranty card or invoice is required at the time of repair so keep your invoice and warranty card safe and produce when asked to you.

2 If your invoice or proof of purchase is lost and you are unable to produce at the service center then your product warranty will be counted 03 months after the manufacturing date of the product.

3 Your device must not be physically damaged.

4 Your realme product must not be liquid damaged.

5 Your realme product warranty seal must not be broken.

For more details regarding realme warranty terms and conditions, you can also visit realme warranty terms official page.

Out of warranty

Your product is considered as out of warranty in certain cases, however, paid services are available for out of warranty products. Certain cases when your product becomes out of warranty are as follows:

Beyond the warranty period, your product will be considered as out of warranty.

If you have repaired your device yourself or by any unauthorized service center then your product will be considered as out of warranty.

You don’t have any warranty proof for your realme product.

If your smartphone is damaged due to improper use.

If your product is damaged due to uncontrolled external forces.

If your device is damaged by liquid.

You have done your product Disassembled, self-repair, modification, and other human behaviours that cause damage.

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