Is realme Indian company and where are realme phones manufactured

Is realme Indian company : In this article we are going to discuss about few questions related to realme brand. Here we will answer following questions :

  • Is realme Indian company ?
  • Where are realme phones manufactured ?
  • Are realme phones made in india ?
  • How realme phones are made ?

Is Realme Indian company ?

Realme is not an Indian company. It is a Shenzhen China based smartphone manufacturer brand. Shenzhen is the city in China. Still realme smartphones are worth buy devices. Realme smartphone brand was initially established on 04 May 2018 by Sky Li in China.

Realme as a Sub-brand from Oppo

When realme was initially launched in china it was a sub-brand from Oppo. And Realme first device named as “Realme 1” comes with the branding of realme at the middle of phone on rear side. And there is one another OPPO branding at the bottom of realme 1 at its rear side.

It is written at rear side of realme 1 “Designed by OPPO Assembled in India“. So it is clear that realme phones are not manufactured in India. Some of the realme phones are assembled in India.

Realme launches its first device realme 1 exclusive to Indain market. After success of realme 1 in India, realme decided to make realme as a separate smartphone brand. And then realme announced itself as a standalone and independent brand.

Is realme indian company

Independent smartphone brand Realme

All devices after realme 1 comes with the only branding of realme. There is no branding of oppo on realme other devices after realme 1. After getting success of Realme 1 realme decided to announced realme as a separate independent smartphone brand. And they did it.

Now realme is standalone smartphone brand. Mr. Madhav Sheth is the CEO of realme India. Realme has launched 11 different models in India up to 2019. And all of the devices are value for money devices.

Where are Realme phones manufactured ?

Realme factory in China

All of the realme smartphones parts are manufactured in China. There is biggest realme factory in Shenzhen China. All of the realme smartphones parts are made in this company and then they are assembled here.

After assembling process they have to gone through many testing processes and all of these processes are carried out in this company. After complete testing realme phones are packed in a box and are sent to various part of the world.

is realme indian company ?

Realme is a multinational company

Realme is expending its service in all parts of the world quickly. Realme provides services in more than 20 countries including China, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, Indonesia, United Kingdom, Thailand, France, Italy, Malaysia, Singapore, Myanmar, Philippines, Vietnam, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Spain, Russia etc.

Realme has also started its production in European countries also in Q3 of 2019.

Where are realme phones manufactured

No smartphone is manufactured in india, if you see any smartphone with tagline ” Made in India” It is not actually made in India, it is only assembled in India.

Is realme indian company

Are realme phones made in india

Realme phones are manufactured at Shenzhen city in China. All of the spare parts used in realme smartphones are manufactured there and then assembled to make a brand new realme smartphone.

How realme phones are made

You can watch complete video on how realme phones are made in China based realme manufacturing company. In this video you will see complete testing and manufacturing process of realme mobile.

Is realme indian company

Does realme shows ads

Realme doesn’t show ads like Xiaomi shows in its smartphones. Generally you will feel that realme doesn’t show ads in its user interface. But i have noticed that realme also show very few ads in its user interface at a very specific place.

I have noticed that realme show ads with lock-screen magazine. When you click on more option of any lock-screen image you will be directed to the detailed page of the photo. There you will find complete details of that image and at the bottom of that post there is only and single ads shown.

I don’t have seen any type of ads in realme interface other than above mentioned location. So we can also say that realme doesn’t show ads in its user interface and make money from ads.

Is realme indian company

We hope that you have found this article helpful and got information about realme brand. We have tried to give answer to few question related to realme.

If you have more questions related to realme then let us know in the comment box below. We will be happy to answer your questions.

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