MiUi 10 Theme Download for Oppo & Realme

MiUi 10 Theme Download for Oppo & Realme

MiUi 10 Theme Download for Oppo & Realme : If you want to download custom themes for your Oppo or Realme device then you are at right place here you will be able to download MiUi 10 theme for your Oppo or Realme Device.

MiUi 10 Theme requirement

To apply the MiUi 10 theme in your Oppo or Realme devices you just have to download the MiUi 10 theme file in your mobile and just install it as you install any third party app in your mobile.

Before that there must Theme Manager / Theme Store App installed in your Oppo or Realme device. You can either install ColorOS Theme Store app (works in Oppo & Realme both) or Realme Theme Store App.

ColorOS Theme Store App

Click Here to Download ColorOS theme store apk and install it in your Oppo or Realme mobile. And then install any custom third party theme in your mobile.

Note : This is official ColorOS theme store app we have not made any changes in this app but its showing infected file with virus when you download it from our Google Drive link. So use ColorOS theme store at your own risk.

Oppo devices as well as Realme 1 is having this ColorOS theme store as a in-built app.

If you don’t want to take any risk then you can download the Realme theme store apk, that’s safe and but in beta developing stage.

Realme theme store app

Click Here to Download Realme theme store apk. Realme has not officially released it till now. So its in developing stage. This is the Realme theme store 6.1.2 Beta 1.

Download Realme theme store app in your mobile and install from the link given above.

MiUi 10 Theme Download

All we all know MiUi 10 is a very good user interface (UI) and MiUi 10 icons and wallpapers are pretty cool.

ColorOS 6 is also a good UI but many Oppo and Realme mobile phones are still working on ColorOS 5.2 version which is not as that much batter. So many of us doesn’t like ColorOS 5.2 UI.

If you are a MiUi lover but having a Oppo or Realme phone even then you can still enjoy and feel MiUi 10 in your Oppo or Realme device by installing the MiUi 10 custom theme.

Download MiUi 10 theme for Oppo Realme

MiUi 10 & 9 FHD Wallpaper Download

How to install MiUi 10 theme in Oppo or Realme

Follow the given steps to apply MiUi 10 theme in your Oppo Realme mobile :-
  1. Download ColorOS or Realme theme store app and install in your mobile.
  2. If you have already installed Theme store app then clear its data from settings or uninstall and then re-install it.
  3. Download MiUi 10 theme and simply install it in your mobile.
  4. Now reboot / restart your mobile.
  5. You theme is applied but it will be showing 05 minute trail.
  6. To activate MiUi 10 theme permanently uninstall the theme store app.
  7. Now you have all done. Enjoy your Theme.

Watch the MiUi 10 theme tutorial by Video given below

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