How to Solve Heating Problem in Android Mobile

How to Solve Heating Problem in Android Mobile

How to Solve heating Problem in Android Mobile : If your mobile is over-heating due to unknown reason then you came at right place. Here you will come to know causes of over-heating Android Mobile and its rectification. Our main focus in this post is on How to solve heating problem in Android Mobile.

It is very difficult to pinpoint why android mobile overheat but here we will discuss most probable causes of overheating of Android mobile and solve heating problem in android mobile.

How to reduce heat in mobile

Why Mobile Heat Up

It is very normal for mobile to get heat while using. But if your mobile is overheating that is the major problem. 

There are various Reason and Conditions when Android mobile  gets warm
  • Using Mobile Camera for a long time.
  • Playing Game in your mobile for a long time.
  • Using so many apps at a time (Multitasking in Low RAM devices).
  • Calling & using Internet in Poor Network Conditions.
  • Recording or Playing Videos for long time.
  • Mobile also warm while charging mobile battery.
  • There are also some other conditions when mobile get warm like overload, using hotspot, and Navigation.
  • Mobile also heat up due to case and cover on mobile.
  • Very high display brightness for a long time also heat up mobile screen.
  • Malware on Android mobile could also cause overheating.

How to Reduce Heat in Mobile

In above paragraph we have mentioned various reason towards heating up of mobile so here we are going to discuss troubleshooting of cooling down Android mobile.

So here are some tips on How to Reduce Heat in Mobile.

Solve Heating Problem in Android Mobile while Charging

Its very normal for any Android mobile to get warm during charging but still you can control heat of your Android mobile while charging. 
  • Use you mobile specified charger and charging cable.
  • If your mobile is very old then make a habit to charge your mobile up to 80% or 90%. Don’t charge fully your mobile if your mobile is overheating while charging. Now a days smartphones slow down charging if mobile get heat up to 45 C temperature and if the mobile has charged up to 80%. (In that case you need not to worry)

Solve Heating Problem in Android Mobile while Multitasking

It is normal for a low RAM mobile to get warm during multitasking. So you should uninstall unnecessary apps installed in your mobile.

Some Apps installed in Android mobile never close and they continuously keep on running in background. And drain your mobile battery as well as slow down performance of you smartphone so keep an eye on those apps and restrict background running for those apps or its batter to uninstall those apps if use those apps rarely. 

Solve Heating Problem in Android Mobile while Calling and Using Internet in poor Network Area

You should avoid using your Android mobile in poor Network Area for calling and surfing internet. You should turn of Mobile Data in Poor network area.

And it will be batter for your mobile if you keep your mobile on flight mode in poor network area.

Solve Heating Problem in Android Mobile while Multitasking

High end devices doesn’t get warm while multitasking but some of low RAM mobiles get warm during multitasking. So use lite version of apps in place of full version of apps.

You should use Facebook Lite, Messenger Lite or lite version of apps available on play store in low RAM mobiles.

Solve Heating Problem in Android Mobile while Recording or Playing Video

Some mobile get warm while recording video and playing video. So if your mobile get overheat while recording then you should reduce the resolution and frame rate for video recording.

Decrease the brightness of your mobile it will reduce the temperature as well as battery usage of your mobile.

Solve Heating Problem in Android Mobile while Charging

If your mobile get warm during charging then you should check out these things :-
  • Use company specified charger and charging cable for your mobile during charging.
  • Don’t use your mobile while charging it will also increase charging speed and decrease temperature of your mobile.
  • You can also remove case / cover on your mobile while charging.
  • Keep your phone at a well ventilated place while charging.

Solve Heating Problem in Android Mobile due to Case and Cover

Some times your mobile case and cover doesn’t allow your mobile to cool so make sure that your mobile case / cover is of good quality. And you can remove your mobile case / cover to cool your android mobile.

Solve Heating Problem in Android Mobile due to Malware

There are some Malware which can heat you mobile very much because they are not well developed and there moto is to steel you data. These types of malware keep on running in background and make your mobile heat up.

So you should always check in system apps that which app is draining much battery while you are not using it.

In Realme devices there was an App named as TouchPal keyboard. TouchPal keyboard comes pre-installed in some Realme devices this app was draining much battery in Realme devices and causing Realme mobiles to heat up.

So Finally Realme has discontinued this app in Realme new devices and removed from Realme older devices through OTA.

Always Update your Mobile

You should always keep your android mobile up to date because mobile companies always release security patches and bug fixes updates to there mobiles.

Not updating your Android mobile regularly can decrease performance of you android mobile as well makes your mobile vulnerable to hackers.

If heating issue is with all models which you are using then send a feedback to your mobile manufacturer company. Most probably they will fix it or tell you way of troubleshooting it.


I think you came to know that why Android mobile heat up and How to solve heating problem in Android mobile or you can say How to reduce heat in Mobile. 

If your mobile is still heating up after following all above mentioned step then you should contact to you mobile manufacturer service center.

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