Best Mobile Insurance Company in India : If you have purchased a new mobile or you are just planning to buy a new mobile phone and searching for a best mobile insurance company in India then you are at right place here you will find list of 03 Best mobile insurance company in India with their product coverage details.
After Purchasing a costly mobile the next step is taking care of it, because when we purchase a low budget mobile we can easily change it in few months but after purchasing a costly mobile we never want to change it in few months. So we are always worried about our mobile safety from theft, unexpected broken, fell in any liquid.
Mobile insurance is the best solution , after doing a mobile insurance we never need to worry about mobile safety, Mobile physical safety and security will be responsibility of insurance company.
There are so many mobile insurance company in India which claim for full mobile protection at a low cost but here i will show you O3 best mobile insurance company in India. I will not give you more options because more options more confusion.

List of Best Mobile Insurance Company in India

1. New India Assurance Co. Ltd.

New India Assurance is the Best mobile insurance company in India. You can buy an insurance from New India Assurance company. New India Assurance is nearly a 100 years old Gadget Insurance company.
New India Assurance was founded in 1919 by Dorabji Tata. You can buy an Insurance for you mobile or any other electronic gadget like laptop, Computer, Tab or mobile etc at a very low premium.
New India Assurance is operated in nearly 28 countries and its a Indian Govt. based company. This company covers Mobile Theft, loss, any type of damage to mobile.
New India Assurance Co. Ltd. Official Website
Toll Free Number – 1800-209-1415
Limitations – To buy any Insurance for your mobile you have to meet to any New India Assurance dealer. There is no option to buy any type of gadget Insurance online on Website or their App.


I have searched for many Gadget and mobile insurance companies but i have personally found Syska Gadget Secure is the best mobile insurance company in India. Syska Gadget Secure provide full protection from Physical / fluid damage, theft, electric or damage from fire. It also cover full protection from virus to your Mobile.
You can also download the Android app for Syska Gadget Secure from Google Play Store and you can also buy any Insurance for your mobile from its official website.
Contact Number : 202-30402500,  Toll free number : 1800-3002-7090
Buy Online Insurance from Syska Gadget Secure Official Website
There are various terms and conditions for the Insurance. Read all the documents carefully from their official website before purchasing the insurance. Damage to your product due to negligence and intentional damage act will not be covered in the insurance. 
CLICK HERE to Download the Video regarding Theft insurance claim process and Policy.
3. Warranty Bazar
Warranty Bazar is another best mobile insurance company in India. You can buy an insurance from Warranty Bazar online or mobile stores. Warranty Bazar covers of protections of mobile :-
  • mechanical and electrical breakdown
  • Unlimited repair upto invoice value
  • Repair or replacement guaranteed
  • Service at your door step
  • 100 % cashless, means no file charge fees during claim
This Insurance doesn,t cover theft or Loss act for your mobile in insurance. This company cover minimum price mobile to 01 Lekh of indian rupees mobile.
Contact Number :- 9870168606
Warranty Bazar Official Website

4. Xcellins India

This is one of the best mobile insurance company in India. Xcellins India starting price is 699 for one year. This Insurance cover accidental damage, Liquid damage, Fire damage etc.
Xcellins India also covers theft and stolen protection so you need to buy xci prime insurance to cover all the theft and stolen acts. XCI prime starting price for one year is 1149 rupees.
You can also buy mobile insurance online from Xcellins India official website.
Xcellins India official website
Contact Number :- 9899703804

5. OneAssist

OneAssist is one of the best mobile insurance company in India. OneAssist Protection plan protects your smartphone and gives you complete peace of mind against any kind of Accidental damages Or Theft Protection. Theft protection is for selected plans only.
With OneAssist protection Plan ever if your mobile slip from your hands or pocket accidentally and breaks then you don’t need to worry about the pain of taking it to service and bearing a huge repair cost, it will be covered by OneAssist.
OneAssist will arrange for a pickup of your mobile from your doorstep, take it service center, get it repaired and deliver it back to you without you stepping out of your home and spending a single one rupee.
Minimum Starting price for OneAssist mobile protection is 899 rupees which is without anti-theft protection.
Contact Number : 1800-123-3330,  1800-266-9930
Google Play Store App Download


There are various mobile insurance company available in India. If you have purchased a costly smartphone or other gadget and you feel that your mobile or gadget will break or lost only then you should go for Mobile insurance.
Otherwise if you have purchased a mobile below 10K then i suggest that you should not waste money on purchasing an insurance for mobile for its protection. A little care of you mobile can save you thousand of rupees.
I further tell you that you should read all document related to the insurance you are purchasing because if you need to claim you insurance then insurance company makes big drama. They easily don’t provide claim to the customer.


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